what i need from you

What I need from you:

A good quality, sharp, colour photo print or digital, of reasonable size.
The head needs to fill most of the frame when the picture is taken.Preferably taken in natural light, or flash.

Some information about the subject(s) likes, dislikes, interests etc and anything you would like included in the artwork. 
A make of car, favorite animal (photo required).  Please give me plenty of time (2 weeks minimum).
But please do phone as soon as you are even considering a commission, time is usually the one thing that can cause a problem.

  Payment by PayPal or cheque.


  What you will get from me:

  A verbal contract when you place the commission.
An e-mail of the pencil rough drawing. 
Minor changes can be made at this stage. 
The final artwork will be in line and watercolour (see examples).
A3 approx. in size.
Unframed, but will be of a size to fit into a ready made frame and mounts that you can buy from high street shops.

When the painting is complete I will send a small photo of the work.

On receipt of your payment, I will then send the package to you via Special Delivery.